Dr. David Martin

11/5/21: DR. DAVID MARTIN (bitchute.com) – 38 minutes – COVID-19 and the “Vaccine” injections are Bio-weapons – promoting these injections is an act of terrorism against the American people.
My notes:
  • computer code (not a piece of the virus) used to create the mRNA “vaccines”
  • humans making spike proteins is not natural
  • ingredients of the vaccines are not yet disclosed.  Pfizer is supposed to disclose within 2 weeks of the FDA formal approval (which occurred 8/23/21.
  • Peter Daszak quote “a key driver is the media and economics will follow the hype.”
  • US Dept of Justice refuses to prosecute (apparently ordered not to).  They are under the Attorney General and have discretion as to which cases they pursue.  “While you have proven conspiracy to defraud the gov’t, crimes were committed, racketeereing occurred, you did not prove intent”, so Dept of Justice will not pursue.(!)
  • Colluding to create, price fix, and market the pandemic: NIAID’s Fauci + Director of the CDC-equivalent in china + Dr Elias of Gates Foundation
  • Ralph Barrick at U of NC Chapel Hill patented several coronaviruses more toxic to humans, targeting lungs.
  • It is clear the virus was introduced to promote the vaccine.  Daszak needed a story to create need for the vaccine.
  • NIAID Dogma for decades has been: Industrial Pharmaceutical management of human population is the answer to human health problems
  • Chinese publication referenced by CDC: submitted for publication early Jan. By Jan 2, 2020 there were 41 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 SARS-COV-2.  But this was BEFORE pathogen was isolated / known to exist.
  • Military targeted first for inoculations, possibly to weaken the country’s defenses.
  • Need for a US Attorney to do something
  • Neither Pfizer nor Moderna have had an independent review of the contents of their vaccines
  • The mRNA inoculations from Moderna and Pfizer DO NOT FIT the Legal nor the FDA definitions for a vaccine.
  • Clinical trials did not measure immune response, infection response, nor transmission response, as would be expected from a vaccine
  • Spring 2020: Fauci says Moderna is frontrunner to create vaccine, despite them never having successfully created one
  • Nov 2019: Fauci was in the process of transferring SAR-COV-2 Spike Protein from U of NC Chapel Hill to Moderna, according to a Ralph Barrick email to a major media outlet, who is sitting on it, not publishing it
  • Rand Paul could have delivered knock-out blow.  UNC Chapel Hill got letter from NIH advising of the moratorium on gain-of-function research.  So how can Fauci claim they were not doing gain-of-function research?
  • June 11 Rep. Ron Johnson sent a Request of Information to the NIH.
(60 minutes at normal playback speed, but try 1.25x and skip the commercial breaks)
(60 minutes at normal playback speed, but try 1.25x and skip the commercial breaks)
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