Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee, a pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst.  She has 25 years experience in pharmaceutical industry, with the past 10 years as independent consultant.  Has been interim CEO or Marketing director for international companies and has expertise in business strategy, marketing, regulatory issues, clinical data, Intellectual Property, legislation case law.

She has done very thorough research and I find her to be a very credible source of information on the COVID “vaccines”.

10/20/21: Patent PROVES Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform – Stew Peters (bitchute.com); and Doug Billings Show

10/14/21: New Shocking Jab Ingredients (dougbillings.us)

  • Sustained release system mentioned in Moderna Patent US 10,703,789 B2 their vaccine.  Scroll down to Section 201, paragraph 6 or line 55.  This is from Moderna’s web site, Patent page.
  • Magnetic Lipid nano particles (highly inflammatory to human body) and single-walled nano tubes are described in Moderna’s Patent US 20100216804 which is referenced by the above Patent US 10,703,789 B2.
  • At least 4 types of nano particles mentioned in the patents which are capable of causing grave harm if deployed (bioweapon) – approx. 14 minute mark

10/12/21: Patent PROVES Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform – Disobedience = Death; Vaccinated = Owned by the Globalists.  Stew Peters interviews Karen Kingston (18 minutes).

  • See US Patent 2021/0082583 A1, published 3/18/2021, especially paragraphs 0378, 0380, 0352, 0408, 0409.  She also discusses the ‘G2G Now’ app launched in Australia which ties to paragraph 0380, police enforcement of lockdowns.
  • 12/13/2016  Obama’s Cares Act section 3024 – Informed Consent is waived if it is not in the best interest of the human subject to know.  So the Government would not need to inform us.

9/30/21:  ‘If you get the Pfizer vax, you’re more likely to get COVID’: Industry analyst Karen Kingston flags FDA study – LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

  • ‘So, when they weren’t injected, their infection rate was 1.3% and when they got injected, it was 4.34%. It went up by over 300%,’ Pfizer ex-employee Karen Kingston stated. ‘They had less infection when they had no protection. So, that’s a problem.’

9/22/21:  Doug’s latest interview with Karen Kingston,9.22.2021 (dougbillings.us)

  • After 10 months, vaccinated somewhat more likely to get COVID (7%) as compared with the unvaccinated (5.2%).  This effect grows over time.  This is because of Antibody Dependent Enhancement which indicates a weakened immune system due to the vaccine.  Cytokine Storm also possible, which is a physiological reaction in humans and other animals in which the innate immune system causes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules called cytokines.
  • FDA also lied about having no knowledge of the mechanism of action causing Myocarditis – they knew this mechanism back in 2020.
  • Some of Pfizer’s EUA lots are compatible with the newly “approved” Comirdaty and some are not.  They are not following the normal process and the FDA shows no interest in enforcing the rules.

7/30/21: Karen Kingston interview by Stew Peters– (25 min)

8/25/21: Karen Kingston interview by Stew Peters – “Checkmate, Game Over, We Win” (30 minutes)

  • Kingston reveals how the FDA “approval” is sure to be the “checkmate” move to end the shots that have caused unprecedented injury and death, worldwide.  She shares slides and documentation that support her claims.

8/5/21: Karen Kingston interviewed by Dr. Andrew Kaufman (38 minutes)

  • They call it a vaccine to get the liability shield
  • “There is nothing about [the COVID-19 injections] that make them a vaccine.  She quotes Dr. David Martin where he describes the US Patent Office definition of a vaccine which states that a vaccine must prevent infection, which they do not.
  • She also showed a slide of the FDA’s guidance on Gene Therapy Products, into which these mRNA injections fit perfectly.
  • In the Pfizer phase 1 trials – male volunteers not allowed to be near pregnant women due to “shedding” risk.  But they could not be excluded because they could never have moved forward to subsequent phases.
  • None of these companies tested to see if spike proteins were present as expected from the mRNA, although one autopsy of a person who died from the injection did have spike proteins throughout organs of the body.

Here is Karen Kingston’s page on Doug Billings’ The Right SideKaren Kingston – Doug Billings where you can view these very detailed videos and the associated Powerpoint slide decks.  They are each 60 minutes at normal playback speed, but you can jump through the commercial breaks, and I found that 1.25x playback speed was fine.

  • 9/17/21: FDA Approval Letter for the Pfizer vaccine admits to shedding, birth defects and deaths from Covid-19 vaccines; unknown long-term effects, unknown pregnancy risks, never intended to cure virus: only intended to perpetuate it!  It is CAUSING the variants.
  • 8/2/21: Retraction & Correction of July 29 video concerning lead vs. graphite
  • 7/26 and 7/27/21: The Truth about the Jab
  • 7/21/21: Creators of Covid19 and Jab: GUILTY of the most significant crime against humanity
  • 7/20/21: Why the Jab does not work
  • 7/15/21: History, Ingredients and Dangers of the COVID Jab

Details on most of these Karen Kingston interviews can be found at: Updated: CRITICALLY IMPORTANT INTERVIEWS with Karen Kingston, former Pfizer analyst, regarding the COVID-19 “vaccines” (videos) – 12Bytes.org. Just a few of these details are provided below:

  • all of the COVID-19 “vaccines” are bioweapons
  • graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because a), it is poisonous to humans and b), because it is the main ingredient in hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system, though Kingston notes that this is not possible “with this round [of vaccines]” because “they rushed this thing out”
  • the graphene oxide in the vaccines is neutrally charged (inactive), however if/when it becomes positively charged, such as by electromagnetic radiation (radio frequency, such as wireless devices, wireless networks such as 5G, etc.), it will annihilate anything it comes into contact with and therefore can cause great damage and death depending on how much of it exists in the body and where it is located
  • multiple COVID-19 “vaccines” and booster shots may increase the amount of graphene oxide in the body
  • before the “pandemic” started the NIH changed the ‘conformation’ (the shape) of the spike protein so that it would bind to the ACE2 receptor of the body’s major organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.), thus making sure the spike protein would cause inflammation and death (12bytes says: And this is exactly what we’re seeing from the CDC VAERS database where even vaccinated children are suffering from myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), a condition which the CDC calls “mild” in spite of the fact that myocarditis is never mild according to doctors and that it can later manifest in different ways and cause early death.), furthermore, they never made sure that this change would prevent infection from SARS-CoV-2
  • 12bytes says: A drug cannot be granted EUA status if an effective treatment already exists, thus why hydroxychloroquine, which is extremely safe and effective, as is ivermectin and high-dose vitamin C, had to be barred.
  • in Pfizer’s IND (Investigational New Drug application) they state that there is a risk for unvaccinated people to become infected (spike protein shedding) by being in close proximity to a vaccinated person – the document states that pregnant mothers should avoid contact with vaccinated people and that if they are exposed, they need to inform the safety board