Mark Mallett COVID-19 Documentaries

Mark Mallett describes himself as a singer/songwriter and missionary.  He has created some very good documentaries which are stored at Banned Videos | Queen of Peace Media since they were promptly taken down by YouTube.  I watched these videos at 1.25x normal speed with no problem.  Below are my notes from his videos.

Video: Following the Science (63 minutes at normal playback speed)

  1. COVID-19 PCR Tests are scientifically meaningless
    • Portuguese Court rules PCR Tests “unreliable” and quarantines “unlawful”
    • Look at the graph at the 13:38 mark and see when COVID-19 “cases” and deaths began to diverge.
  2. CDC rule change dramatically impacts the death count (17 minute mark)
  3. The changing narrative on masking (20 minute mark)
  4. Social Distancing: no basis in science (28:29 minute mark)
  5. COVID-19 Recovery Rates by age (35 minute mark) – over 98% even for elderly
  6. mRNA considered a ‘Gene Therapy’ by FDA (36 minute mark)
  7. FDA says Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) allowed only when there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives (37:30 mark)
  8. Vitamin D can help reduce coronavirus risk 54% (38 minute mark) – applies to both COVID-19 and influenza
  9. Reporter Ivory Hecker describes her run-in with Fox News  (just before 50 minute mark)
  10. CNN exposed by Project Veritas for biased, agenda-driven reporting (50 minute mark)
  11. Fr. Sergio Munoz Fita, priest at St. Anne’s, Gilbert AZ, asks forgiveness for having closed church in the spring of 2020, vowing to never do so again (61 minute mark)

Something is not Right, Part 1 (34 min)

  1. Bill Gates: “If what you’re trying to do is block all transmission, then you need to get 70-80% coverage on a global basis…” (4:50 minute mark)
  2. Bill Gates TED talk, deleted quote “So eventually there will be sort of this Digital Immunity Proof” (32:30 minute mark)

Something is not Right, Part 2 (32 min) – Censorship, deception and lies

  1. CDC claims ownership of the virus via patents (6:30 minute mark).  See US Patents 7279327, 7220852, 7776521.
  2. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s evidence that SARS-COV-2 was created in a lab
  3. Suspicious Timeline from August 2019 – January 2020 (before and after 16 minute mark)
  4. Gates Foundation spending to influence medical policy (18 minute mark)
    • One day after Bill Gates’ $50 million infusion to the WHO, the WHO declared the coronavirus pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Something is not Right, Part 3 (51 min) – Vaccine Venom & COVID-19 Cures

  1. Many doctors coming out with successful treatment protocols
  2. The COVID-19 “Vaccines” do NOT:
    • prevent infection
    • cause immunity
    • cure COVID-19
    • prevent transmission
    • prevent hospital admissions

    They only mitigate symptoms.  And there is significant risk of severe injury and death.

Something is not Right, Part 4a  (57 min) – God and the Great Reset

  1. How COVID-19 compares to previous pandemics (12 minute mark).  Hint: not any where near as deadly.
  2. January, 2017 – The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (Prep Act):  allows for vaccine that is not fully FDA approved to be used provided there is no adequate, approved treatment available.
  3. “It is for your safety” was the regular claim the Nazi’s used while shutting down dissent in the 1930s.

Something is not Right, Part 4b (59 min) – The Mark of the Beast

  1. World leaders who did not press for the vaccine mysteriously died (5 minute mark)
  2. Reinette Senum interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (28 minute mark)
  3. Zach King, Ex-Satanic High Wizard (29 minute mark)
  4. Dave Cullen is banned from YouTube (40 minute mark)

Mark Mallet’s Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops