Seth Keshel data analysis: election stolen

Seth Keshel, former military intelligence officer, proves through data analysis how the election was stolen in numerous states.

1. Start with this 7-minute video:  Populist Press: Military intelligence proves stolen election in multiple states  July 18, 2021

2. Seth Keshel interviewed by Stew Peters: Trump WON! Seth Keshel Drops Evidence BOMBS! (MI, PA, MN, FL, AZ, CA) (  July 27, 2021, 27 minutes

3. Doug Billings Show Part 1 – Interview with former Army Captain of Military Intellegence, Seth Keshel ( June 7, 2021  60 minutes

4. Doug Billings Show Part 2 with Seth Keshel: Election Data in PA & WI ( June 12, 2021  60 minutes

5. Doug Billings Show: Seth Keshel: Election Fraud by the Numbers ( June 30,2021  60 minutes


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