Hospital COVID Story

See this video about a nurse advocating for her sister in the hospital:
Her sister was rapidly declining with Covid-19.  The doctor was pressuring to administer Remdesivir, predicting that she would die overnight without it.  The hospital refused to give Ivermectin.  The Nurse/advocate refused to allow Remdesivir.  The nurse/advocate had previously acquired Ivermectin elsewhere and gave it to the sister unbeknownst to the hospital.  The sister recovered overnight and was discharged the next day.  The hospital staff was amazed but never knew Ivermectin was given.  The nurse would have been fired had they known.
This story tells you all you need to know about the typical hospital and the medical establishment.  There are many more stories like it – see my post on how hospitals are hostile to COVID patients, especially those who are unvaccinated.