Why I am not getting the COVID-19 “Vaccine”

Why I am not getting the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

  1. It is not a vaccine in the traditional sense of the word.  It is gene therapy, and I consider it to be very dangerous.  See this research page.
  2. It is not necessary.
    • The survival rate is greater than 99.5% even for people in my age group (> 65).  Even though you could argue the excessive false positives skew this statistic upward, other factors skew it the other direction.  The deaths attributed to COVID are also overstated, and more importantly, upwards of 80% of the reported deaths were likely unnecessary because early treatments were not used / suppressed.
    • I have already contracted COVID-19 and recovered, so I have natural immunity.  Natural immunity beats the waning effectiveness of these “vaccines” (see #4 below), according to many highly qualified doctors and scientists.
    • Many doctors have had great success with early treatments.  This fact is suppressed so that the government and medical establishment could proceed with pushing the “vaccines”.
  3. It is not safe.  See 30+ articles on safety concerns.
  4. It is not effective.  It does not even claim to prevent infection or stop transmission.  It may have been effective in the beginning, but since then the virus has mutated so effectiveness has waned.  See these 25+ articles on its lack of effectiveness.
  5. According to many expert doctors, this gene therapy “vaccine” will weaken my natural immune system, increasing the risk of contracting other diseases.  For example, I have stage two kidney disease. I believe I am at higher risk from the “vaccines” than from the virus itself, especially with the available early treatments.
  6. I have come to distrust these institutions which are relentlessly pushing the COVID-19 “vaccines”, lying about safety and efficacy, suppressing treatment options, censoring dissent, and stifling debate:
  7. These “vaccines” were either developed or tested using aborted fetal tissue and taking them is therefore immoral. This is a personal belief, and the fact that a leftist Pope with leftist Bishops have a different view makes no difference.  They have long ago forfeited the moral high ground that their predecessors once held.
  8. Vaccine mandates and passports are always immoral.  They assume the government owns us.  The fact that most Americans have become accustomed to vaccinations does not make mandates acceptable.
    • There is also no precept in medical ethics that obliges someone to undergo a risky procedure or intervention to provide a possible health benefit to another person. No one should be forced to insert something into his body — particularly something that doesn’t even stop the spread of disease and that could injure or kill him.
  9. I refuse to submit to medical tyranny.  Our freedoms are steadily being eroded.  The time to stand up against this is NOW.