COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Below are General articles about the COVID-19 “vaccine” injections.  (See also posts on Effectiveness and Safety)

  1. Brighteon – 1/3/2022 The Thrive Time Show: Joe Rogan – Robert Malone Show Excerpt – great 22-minute summary about the vaccines and the behavior of our lawless government, media and Big Pharma (Link to 3+ hour audio of Joe Rogan’s discussion with Dr. Robert Malone)
  2. Steve Kirsch interviews with Alix Mayer on COVID-19 Vaccines – 12/10 – 12/13/21
  3. The COVID-19 injection is not a vaccine. Here’s why – LifeSite ( by Paul Elias Alexander, PhD
  4. Big Pharma is by far the biggest lobby in Washington, and they have a long history of crimes, violations, and fines.
  5. Vaccine makers have no risk for vaccines under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), nor for vaccines on the Children’s Immunization Schedule.  In those cases, you can’t sue them for vaccine injuries.
  6. Head of Moderna Explains How Vaccines Alter DNA | Armstrong Economics
  7. Covid-19 “Vaccines” are not fully approved by the FDA.  They were originally approved only under an Emergency Use Authorization. UPDATE: Pfizer’s vaccine Comernity was approved on 8/23/21.  However, Comernity is still not available in the U.S. as of January 2022.  So, the FDA allows continued use of the EUA version of the “vaccine”.  This allows the liability shield to continue for the vaccine makers, and still allows the government to claim the vaccine is approved.  VERY disingenuous.
    1. Even though the FDA just approved the Pfizer vaccine, such an approval was totally illegal according to Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show.  They did not follow normal procedures.
    2. Pfizer vaccine approved behind closed doors – ( The FDA “approved” Pfizer’s COVID-19 jab for 16 years and older – officially declaring it “safe and effective” – without even allowing public discussion or holding a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss data.
    3. FDA Approves Gates’ Vaccine After Accepting Funding from Him | Armstrong Economics
    4. US Drug Regulators Approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine ( 8/23/21.
    5. Despite thousands of deaths and adverse reactions FDA rushes to grant full approval to Pfizer COVID jab – LifeSite (
    6. Professor blasts COVID-19 jabs for young: ‘No such thing as mild myocarditis’ – LifeSite (
  8. FDA Leaders, Other Scientists Say Most People Don’t Need Vaccine Boosters (  (9/13/2021)
  9. Dr. Peter McCullough, preeminently qualified on COVID-19
  10. Karen Kingston – former Pfizer employee and independent consultant for pharmaceutical industry
  11. Steve Kirsch’s COVID-19 Vaccine Research
  12. Mark Mallett COVID-19 Documentaries
  13. Dr. David Martin on the Bioweapon aspect of COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccines
  14. Brighteon – The Darpa Docs We Haven’t Seen: Documents – Covid is Purposefully Engineered Bioweapon – Karen Kingston on Stew Peters Show 1/13/22
  15. Brighteon – Healthcare professional shares information on the declining health of patients who had the vaccine – 1/15/22
  16. Rand Paul & Why | Armstrong Economics  – Rand Paul chastises HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for not following the science on natural immunity.
  17. Antibodies Persist for More Than a Year After COVID-19 Infection, Study Finds (
  18. How Likely Is Reinfection Following Covid Recovery? Very Rare. ( (12/31/21)
  19. Pfizer Quality Inspector / whistleblower Melissa Strickler says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds (  (10/14/21)
    • Pfizer vaccine vials glow fluorescent blue and contain an enzyme called Luciferase
    • Pfizer emails from high-level employees directing lower- level workers to not discuss the role of aborted fetal cells in the development of its Covid shots with the public.
    • “They’re just simply being deceitful… they could correct the fact-checkers on social media and they remain silent because they know if they do say, ‘yeah, we did use fetal cell lines in the development of this,’ they know that they’re not able to deny the religious exemptions. I think that’s what it’s about.
    • She added that the mRNA technology of the vaccines could be used with CRISPR technology for gene editing and that fact is also being obscured to the public in messages from Pfizer, the mainstream media and government.
    • “…many employees have “vaccine regret” after getting the shots and “a lot of people refused to get it. In fact, over half of the employees are willing to walk out over this and Pfizer knows that.”
  20. Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.’ #ExposePfizer – YouTube
  21. 29 studies + 14 articles that show natural immunity provides effective protection from COVID-19 – – 10/15/21
  22. ‘The Idea That the Unvaccinated Are a Threat to You Is Ridiculous,’ Jimmy Dore Explains • (11/3/21)
    • “Even if you vaccinate 100% of the population, according to the science, people will still be giving and getting COVID … the idea that the unvaccinated are a threat to you is ridiculous because the vaccinated are just as likely to spread COVID as the unvaccinated.”
    • “The idea that you can vaccinate your way out of the pandemic is completely incorrect,” Dore said. “This false narrative is coming from the corporate media and Big Pharma and it’s not right.”
    • Dore played a clip from an August 2020 interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to President Biden, in which Fauci said, “I don’t think you’ll ever see a mandating of [COVID-19] vaccines for the general public … you would never mandate it…  people who refuse the vaccine “have every right to refuse…”

Effectiveness – See 25+ links to articles on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 “vaccine” injections.

Safety – see 30+ links to articles on the safety of the COVID-19 “vaccine” injections.

Summary: Why I am not getting the COVID-19 “Vaccine”

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