Mike Lindell on Election Fraud

  1. Scientific Proof – Mike Lindell (bitchute.com)  (4/2/2021; 56-minute video)
    • Renowned Physicist Dr. Douglas Frank Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History.
    • Dr. Frank testifies that deviations and mathematical impossibilities could not have been done by humans, but only by artificial intelligence and computers that were running before, during, and after the 2020 U.S. election.
    • Dr. Frank’s investigation reveals that the 2010 national census data was used to manipulate the 2020 election rolls and to inject phantom votes into the election totals. His scientific investigation documented and proved that numerous counties within states throughout America had more people voting than the number of people living in those counties.
  2. Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’ Documentary (bitchute.com)  (2/5/2021; 2 hour video)
  3. China Puts Biden in the White House – Lindell TV   (26 minutes) – a portion of Absolute Interference (2 hours)
  4. Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0 – Lindell TV  (26 minutes)
  5. Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered? – Lindell TV