Steve Kirsch interviews with Alix Mayer on COVID-19 Vaccines

  1. Alix Mayer interviewed by Steve Kirsch on children’s vaccine safety ( – (12/10/21) – 45-minute video regarding vaccination in general.  This lady knows her stuff, has vaccine injured children and was vaccine injured herself.  Some notes by Steve Kirsch:
    • All the 16 childhood vaccines should be considered unsafe because all the safety data shows that kids are uniformly less healthy after taking the vaccines. However, all the papers published in medical journals documenting this have been censored and the people who wrote them have lost their jobs.
    • The CDC is supposed to be assessing the safety of the children’s vaccines every 2 years. They have never done this. They even admit it. They don’t have any plans to comply with the law. Nobody is holding them accountable.
    • There has been a huge increase in autism and other disabling conditions after vaccination. There is no doubt they are linked.
    • RFK, Jr. has been trying to get a debate with the CDC for 20 years about the safety of the childhood vaccines. The CDC will not debate him. They refuse to be put in a situation where they could be asked questions that they don’t want to answer.
    • Judy Mikovits discovered impurities in the vaccines, but they forced out of her job to silence her.
    • No safety studies have been done on vaccines as required by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986 –
    • 1986 Act –
    • CDC studied one vaccine and one ingredient in relation to one condition but manipulated the results
      • Whistleblower William Thompson, CDC Senior Vaccine Scientist, came out in 2015 admitting that they had been ordered to dump all study data into a trash can on a weekend and wipe hard drives since the CDC couldn’t make the signal go away regarding MMR causing autism in boys, especially black boys. This was the infamous DeStefano study.
      • Thomas Verstraaten and Poul Thorsen studied thimerosal & autism in the early 2000s and Verstraaten proclaimed in writing that “he couldn’t make the signal go away.” After massaging the data enough, I recall he published a study showing that thimerosal was associated with verbal and motor tics, not autism. The Simpsonwood transcript and I believe FOIA emails tell the story. Bobby wrote an article in Rolling Stone and Salon and a book about it.
      • Tylenol is hard on the liver, and if given to children after vaccines, it increases the chances of autism.
    • Other adverse health outcomes due to vaccines.
      • Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld – the guy who literally wrote the textbook, Autoimmunity – published a ton of studies on aluminum in vaccines and autoimmune disease. I haven’t seen much from him lately. Here is a recent review from 2020:
      • Dr. Christopher Exley – “Dr. Aluminum” – fired from Keele University for associating vaccine-injected aluminum with CNS disorders – MS, autism, Alzheimer’s.
      • Autoimmunity – to my knowledge, there is NO other cause of autoimmunity aside from vaccines in the medical literature. Vaccines force our B-cells to make antibodies. Antibodies are the hallmark of allergies and autoimmunity.
  2. Alix Mayer explains to Steve Kirsch why the drug companies are targeting kids with the COVID vaccines ( (12/13/21)
    • In order for Covid Vaccine Makers to keep their liability shield, they need the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to remain in effect.
    • The EUA can remain in effect only if:
      1. Life-threatening Health Emergency exists <= this is why all the endless fear mongering about variants, cases and deaths by the government, mainstream medicine and mainstream media, all of whom are all heavily influence if not controlled by Big Pharma
      2. product to address emergency is at least 30% effective <= this is why they calculate relative risk reduction rather than absolute risk reduction
      3. known and potential benefits outweigh the known and potential risks <= this is why they design faulty clinical trials and don’t fix VAERS
      4. There is no adequate, approved and available alternative (drugs nor vaccines) <= this is why they suppress Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and other effective early treatments
    • Once COVID shots are fully approved, the vaccine manufacturer LOSES their liability shield, unless they get added to the FDA‘s Children’s Vaccine Schedule.
    • The FDA issued a confusing approval for Comirnaty: it is licensed to be manufactured but not to be given to anyone.  It is “interchangeable” with the EUA Pfizer shot, but “legally distinct”.  This is an attempt to state to the American people that it is “approved” when actually it is not.  And as long the existing vaccines are under EUA, the vaccine manufactures retain their liability shield.
    • Since none of the vaccines are fully approved, if EUA remains in place the vaccines cannot by law be mandated (but where are the lawsuits?)
    • Comirnaty will become available in the U.S. only after it is fully approved AND the CDC adds it to the children’s vaccine schedule so the vaccine manufactures can retain the liability shield.  That is why the CDC will recommend Comirnaty for age 16 and up.  Age 16 & 17 would make it part of the children’s schedule.  Any shot on that schedule gets full liability protection, even if given to other age groups.  THIS IS WHY THEY ARE GOING AFTER THE CHILDREN who have a 99.9973% survival rate and don’t really need to take the vaccine.