19 Reasons to Reject COVID Jab

19 reasons to reject COVID-19 jabs and their mandates – LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

  1. Nuremberg Code
  2. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    •  If coercion is used to force a vaccine into our bodies, we don’t have principal stewardship of our own bodies any longer.  Someone else does; namely, the State.  If we lose this basic principle, we lose our individual liberties in their most basic and rudimentary form. 
  3. Canadian Case Law
  4. Non-Genetic Discrimination Act (2017)
  5. The Ontario Health Care Consent Act, 1996
  6. Ontario Human Rights Code
    • Moral (Religious) – These vaccines have used aborted fetal cell lines in their development and testing. 
    • Ethical (Religious) – In the Catholic Tradition, it is the moral imperative of all governments […] to uphold the rights of the conscience of their citizens.  Vaccines can never be imposed on anyone because, without full consent, such an imposition is an overt attack on the dignity of the human person.
    •  In summary, any government which coerces its citizens into mandated vaccinations implicitly arrogates themselves to the position of a medical professional who is giving medical counsel.  The claim that no one is actually forced to take a vaccination is a vacuous statement when the alternative for those who object to these injections is essentially to live in effective isolation for the foreseeable future, if not for the rest of their lives.  If that is not the very definition of coercion, then nothing is.  Furthermore, it treats everyone as being sick until proven healthy which is tantamount to reversing another fundamental principle in law and justice which is that citizens of a free State are innocent until proven guilty.
  7. Emergency Use, Liability, and Shielding Big Pharma
  8. No Mid or Long-term Data on Health Effects
  9. Serious Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
  10. Natural Immunity & Other Treatments
  11. No Uniform Opinion
  12. Masks & Plastic Barriers
  13. Vaccination does not prevent Transmission
  14. Vaccination does not prevent Infection; it only lessons symptoms
  15. Totalitarian Measures & Logan’s Run
  16. Proportionality of Threat
  17. Nine Prominent Doctors & Virologists Expressing Concern
  18. Improper Use of the PCR Tests
  19. Profits and Criminality