Minnesota Nurses Town Hall

Townhall meeting of nurses in Minnesota who have been ordered to take the vaccination as a condition of their continuing employment by a deadline and they are refusing because of all the side effects that they have seen and including mortality associated with the jab which is not being reported by the media.
Minnesota nurses town hall hosted by Rep. Erik Mortensen 8/27/2021.  It starts around the 18 minute mark and goes for a little over an hour.  My notes:
  1. Medical facilities are “full” because of lack of staff, not from a large number of patients.
  2. The numbers indicating COVID-19 is on the increase with the Delta variant are lies. The case numbers are driven by positive tests regardless of whether they are symptomatic.  The same person is tested multiple times, each positive test is counted as a case. If someone is in the hospital for 30 days, they are tested every 3 days and if positive, that becomes 10 cases.
  3. Nurses bullied by arrogant doctors who berate them for questioning authority.  Most doctors just want to do what the government tells them.
  4. They stopped counting COVID-19 cases of the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated.  Clearly the vaccine is not working and they don’t want evidence that discourages getting the vaccine.
  5. ER Nurse not getting vaccinated: she has seen the spike in heart attacks and strokes related to the vaccines.
  6. A lot more nurses are refusing the vaccine than the public is led to believe.
  7. IT guy: the authorities paint a false picture by cherry-picking the data and lying with statistics.  He who controls the vocabulary controls the debate.
  8. Hospitals are positioning to disallow exemptions to the vaccine mandates.
  9. Informed consent is supposed to allow any patient to refuse any treatment.
  10. Media suppresses the negative side effects from the vaccine.
  11. “Undetermined cause of death” for a healthy 25-year-old who died right after getting the COVID-19 vaccination.
  12. One nurse about the MN Board of Nursing: “they are killing patients if they don’t get this vaccine…  ‘they are just ignorant, we don’t want nurses like them…we need to make the exemption process as hard as we can for them… good luck finding a new career’ “
  13. One nurse brilliantly summarized the entire issue: starting at approximately the 1:05:25 point.  According to her training and as documented in the Nurse’s manual on intentional crimes and torts: it is assault/battery to inject someone against their will and you can lose your nursing license if you do it.
  14. Nursing staff shortage is already here.  Is not an unvaccinated nurse better than no nurse?
  15. Nurse’s story: how the CDC lost her trust.  Their statements do not match the science.

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